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Biology and Habitat of Sturgeon

The sturgeon is one of the oldest fish species in Canada dating back 200 million years. It inhabits the sub arctic rivers, lakes, and coastlines of Canada. This is where you'll find the best sturgeon fishing in Canada. They are probably the longest-lived of the fishes, some living well over 100 years and attaining sexual maturity at 20 years or more..  Adult sturgeons range in size from 2 m (7 ft) to 5.5 m (18 ft) long and can tip the scales at several hundred pounds.

The sturgeon has no teeth. It is a bottom feeder that stirs up the river or lake bed to uncover crustaceans and small shells. As they grow larger they eat small fish before graduating to swallowing salmon whole or even dining on baby seals.

Salmon and Sturgeon have similar spawning behaviours.  Sturgeon hang out in freshwater deltas and estuaries where they can eat a variety of foods. They are a true bottom feeder, eating dead fish and mammals as a matter of course. Sturgeon will venture out into the ocean but rarely.

Some species of sturgeon are harvested for their roe to be made into caviar. This makes them one of the most valuable fish in the water. Sturgeon numbers are dwindling with many species being declared vulnerable, endangered, or critically endangered. A catch and release policy is recommended when Canadian sturgeon fishing.

In addition the coast, sturgeon can also be found in the Great Lakes. These lake sturgeon are somewhat smaller with a length of about 2 m (6 ft) and weighing in at 100 kg (220 lbs). Their lifespan can reach up to 100 years and they are 30 years old before reaching sexual maturity. Lake sturgeon feed on worms, leeches, insect larvae, and other fish that it can swallow whole.

Sturgeon Fishing Tips

In mid-June is when sturgeon fishing in Canada begins. They have completed their spawn and started a new generation of monster fish. When the season opens look for them in deep, slow moving pools during the day. In the evening, sturgeon will venture into shallow areas or the base of rapids to feed. Any bait sitting on the bottom is going to be consumed by this fish when it's feeding.

Canadian Sturgeon Fishing Destinations Sturgeon are not fussy eaters so a big bunch of worms on a hook will do the trick. Other baits for Canadian sturgeon fishing include pieces of carp, sucker, as well as cheese and salmon eggs. Snails, clams, and leeches also work wonders.To catch sturgeon, you must fish the river or lake bottom. A bell sinker and a hook is the easiest rig to use. Put the bell sinker on and attach a slit-shot approximately 3 feet from the hook. Let the sinker fall to the bottom and let the bait move about on the river bed. If there are sturgeon around they'll find it.


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